Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Sydney

Celebrating love and happiness at every stage during this special time in your life

The union of a happy couple is a time of magic, of love, and of enchantment. However, this sense of wonder and charm is not limited to the wedding day alone.

A relationship is a journey. At the beginning there is a spark of excitement and optimism, which slowly grows to a warm and nurturing flame. At Perfect Moment, we believe in capturing this journey towards nuptial bliss, which is why we provide pre wedding photographer services to couples in the Sydney area and beyond.

What Happens During a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

Pre wedding photography is a little different to engagement photography. Consider our pre wedding photo service in Sydney as the next step of the journey. Once the engagement is complete, you can begin setting the tone of love and togetherness and building the theme which will be incorporated into your wedding day.

During a pre wedding photoshoot:

•    You may wear wedding and bridal attire to help set the scene
•    You can create beguiling photos which you can use during the actual wedding ceremony
•    You can indulge your unique personality and your love for one another as your photographer brings these dual senses of playfulness and commitment to the fore
•    Most importantly, you will have a great time, and leave the session with some truly spellbinding photographs

For more information on the pre wedding photographer services we can provide in Sydney, either send us an enquiry or get in touch with us directly.